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The equipment you need to experience short or extended adventures in the beautiful Neroutsos  Inlet

Come spend your extended adventure stay on Neroutsos Inlet with Frigon Paddlings weekly rentals. Experience the tourquoise waters, spectacular shore line and amazing Rec Sites the Gateway to the West Coast has to offer.


Frigon Paddling offers a wide selection of paddling equipment suitable for all skill sets and ages. Spend your time in Port Alice exploring the Frigon Islands, a short sheltered paddle from town displaying abundant marine life, beautiful clear waters boasted by few places on the island and a high possibility of marine mammal sightings!

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Port Alice

The small northern Vancouver island community of Port Alice was founded 1917 due to it's suitability for a mill location. The Neroutsos Inlet is one of the deepest waterways on Vancouver Island making it ideal for the logging industry. The original town site was located close to the mill until a landslide in 1965 prompted a move to the current location. While the mill provided Port Alice with a robust economic environment until it's closing in 2015 Port Alice has turned to tourism which is a natural fit due to the pristine waters and abundant marine life.


West Coast

Gateway to one of the more remote and infrequently accessed areas on north Vancouver Islands stunning West coast. Highway 30 heading south roughly half way between Port McNeill and Port Hardy takes you to the end of the paved road and the beginning of the potential for an adventure of a lifetime. Experienced paddlers will salivate over the coastal geography reached via well maintained logging roads with beautiful pristine beaches and seaside camping. Beginner, family oriented or novice paddlers will also have access to these amazing areas with one of Frigon Paddlings experienced knowledgeable guides.